QuickPayPortal: Contact us Information!

QuickPayPortal is one of the most secured portals preferred for payment purposes. It includes different methods of payments, users can choose the convenient method to pay their medical bills online. In case, if you have yet registered in Quick Pay Portal register now.

The registration process is pretty simple in QuickPayPortal. You must have a (15 digits) Statement ID which you can find in your medical billing statements. Create an Access code and password, verify your email address, phone number, and some other general details to complete the registration process.

QuickPayPortal Contact Details

Quick Pay Portal lets users access their past and current medical billing statements, online. They can go through medical prescriptions, get medical notes from doctors and much more. Verified users can access QuickPayPortal at any time from anywhere. If you have any medical emergency you can directly ring at the given number 911.

If you general queries related to your visited clinics then you can find the clinic’s contact details in medical bill statements. Check it to get connected with the clinic’s support.


QuickPayPortal is one of the simplest ways to clear medical bill payments. Not just payment but can check medical statements, book appointments, go through medical prescriptions and much more. We have stated QuickPayPortal Contact Details, in this article. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it down in the given comment section. We will look into it!